LDMH 100% for organ donor notification

Trillium Gift of Life Network released new provincial data on hospital donati...Read More

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About LDMH

Board Minutes






Click here for: June_28_2016_AGM_Meeting_Minutes.pdf
Click here for: May_31_2016_-_Board_of_Directors_Minutes.pdf
Click here for: April_26_2016_-_Board_of_Directors_Minutes.pdf
Click here for: March_29_2016_-_Board_of_Directors_Minutes.pdf
Click here for: February_23_2016_-_Board_of_Directors_Minutes.pdf
Click here for: January_26_2016_-_Board_of_Directors_Minutes.pdf
Click here for: November_24_2015_-_Board_of_Directors_Minutes_.pdf
Click here for: October_27_2015_-_Board_of_Directors_Minutes.pdf
Click here for: Sept_29_2015_-_Board_of_Directors_Minutes.pdf
Click here for: June_30_2015_AGM_Meeting_Minutes.pdf
Click here for: April 29 2014 Board Highlights
Click here for: March 25 2014 Board Highlights
Click here for: February 25 2014Board Highlights
Click here for: January 28 2014 Board Highlights
Click here for: November 26 2013 Board Highlights
Click here for: October 29 2013 Board Highlights
Click here for: May 28 2013 Board Highlights
Click here for: April_30_2013_Board_Highlights.pdf   
Click here for: March_25_2013_Board_Highlights.pdf
Click here for: Feb_26_2013_Board_Highlights.pdf

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